Sears Pointless 2013 Photodump

fx32fYours truly joined up with the guys over at Stick Figure/Volatile Ram racing to assemble the greatest Toyota FX of all time.  It qualifies as the greatest of all time because, as one writer put it, we shoved an MR2 drivetrain up its ass.  That’s right, it has two engines – one in front, one in back.

The FX not only made it to the race, but was downright competitive, finishing 3rd in the all-important “C” class and 30th overall.  Unfortunately, the rear engine lost a water pump and we had to finish most of day 2 with only one motor.  So goes Lemons.

This post is merely a collection of favorite racing action photos from the weekend.  You may notice that they are team-centric.  No apologies will be offered for that fact.  Hit the jump for the slide show.

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FX32 Lemons Build Update

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The guys at Stick Figure/Volitile Ram Racing continue to amaze. They have the (Mr.) FX32 right on schedule to make it to Sonoma in March. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this project, it boils down to this: Weld the back half of an MR2 to the front half of an FX16 to make a single race car with two seperate drivetrains driving all four wheels. What could go wrong?

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Plymouth Arrow Update: Nothing But The Tail Lights

The original plan was to add a turbo to the NTC Arrow, but that idea was scrapped when a considerable amount of metal shavings were found in the oil pan of the donor engine. So, another donor vehicle was located. Stay tuned for a post detailing the engine and trans swap. Today’s installment will concentrate on just the tail lights.

Hit it for more.

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MR FX: Dual Drivetrain Lemons Build Update

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When last we left our group of idiotic racing enthusiasts, they had just taken a dull sawzall blade to a rusty MR2…

It’s at this point of a project that many ambitious and enterprising folks take a step back, assess the situation, and realize they this thing will never run and that they were morons to take even a single step down this insane path.  Our team is certainly not that smart, so onward we go.

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Midget Love Week: NTC Midget Appears In Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine


Ok, I promise, this will be the last midget post for at least a week or two. 

In August of 2012, a group of friends and I attended Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  That group had hooked up with accomplished pin-up photographer Mitzi, who took some great shots some of our pin-up gals with our cars.  The results were fantastic.  The folks at Car Kulture Deluxe must have thought so too, as they picked up a couple of the shots for their spread about Speed Week. 

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NTC Midget Wins Hooniverse Car Of The Year!


That’s right folks, the NTC midget has been awarded the most prestigious award in the automotive world. Thanks to everyone out there who helped and/or followed along.

(Note: No thanks to the guy at Peach Days who asked why I didn’t put legitimate parts in it. That guy can stick it.)

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Teaser: The MR4…Or FXR2…

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mrollaThe guys over at Stick Figure Racing built one of the coolest Lemons cars of all time –  The MRolla, which is the back half of a Toyota MR2 and the front half of a Toyota Corolla.  It’s mid-engined, it’s front engined, it’s rear wheel drive, it’s front wheel drive, it’s an automatic trans, it’s a manual trans… In short, it’s everything I ever wanted in a car. 

So what do you do if you have the only twin-engined, AWD car at the track?  You build another one so it doesn’t get lonely. 

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