Sears Pointless 2013 Photodump

fx32fYours truly joined up with the guys over at Stick Figure/Volatile Ram racing to assemble the greatest Toyota FX of all time.  It qualifies as the greatest of all time because, as one writer put it, we shoved an MR2 drivetrain up its ass.  That’s right, it has two engines – one in front, one in back.

The FX not only made it to the race, but was downright competitive, finishing 3rd in the all-important “C” class and 30th overall.  Unfortunately, the rear engine lost a water pump and we had to finish most of day 2 with only one motor.  So goes Lemons.

This post is merely a collection of favorite racing action photos from the weekend.  You may notice that they are team-centric.  No apologies will be offered for that fact.  Hit the jump for the slide show.

Click any of the photos for a 1320×720 wallpaper-sized version.  They are much better when viewed in all their glory.  Click!

fx32cTurn 11, Cortina in the background.

fx32dThe MRolla, looking good.

fx32eThe FX, following the Index of Effluency winning Sunbeam Imp.

fx32gThe FX, being a hero.

fx32hHeavy traffic in turn 11.

fx32iSonoma is a beautiful track.  This is the turn 1/1a hill climb.

fx32jJust a shot to demonstrate how great Sonoma Raceway is.  The dragstrip can be seen running through the middle of this shot.  Overflow gransdstands are seen in the background.

fx32kThis shot is all about juxtaposition.  The Audi sportscar experience in the foreground and three butt turrible Lemons in the background.

fx32lThe Tweedle brothers, owning turn 11.

FX32nOne of many, many cars that had trouble negotiating turn 11.

FX32mFinally, the FX, all framed against the Toyota billboard.  Toyota geeks rejoice!

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