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NTC Movie Review: Love The Beast

Love The Beast  is a documentary about Eric Bana and his 1974 Australian Ford Falcon XB Coupe.  It is currently available on Netflix Streaming and  Bana directed the film and is a character – along with the car and a … Continue reading

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To All The Cars I’ve Loved Before: 1964 Falcon Delivery

We all do it.  We reflect on relationships of days gone by.  We think of what could have been, what would life be like now if we hadn’t split up with this one or that one.  This series is my … Continue reading

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Looks Familiar – 1937 Ford Woody Project

This 1937 Ford Woodie project looks familiar to Need That Car.  Perhaps it’s because I once owned it.  It’s now here on ebay for the low, low price of…FREE!  Well, free if you pay the shop that currently owns it … Continue reading

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