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MR FX: Dual Drivetrain Lemons Build Update

This post originally appeared here, at When last we left our group of idiotic racing enthusiasts, they had just taken a dull sawzall blade to a rusty MR2… It’s at this point of a project that many ambitious and … Continue reading

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Midget Love Week: NTC Midget Appears In Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine

Ok, I promise, this will be the last midget post for at least a week or two.  In August of 2012, a group of friends and I attended Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  That group had hooked up … Continue reading

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NTC Midget Wins Hooniverse Car Of The Year!

That’s right folks, the NTC midget has been awarded the most prestigious award in the automotive world. Thanks to everyone out there who helped and/or followed along. (Note: No thanks to the guy at Peach Days who asked why I … Continue reading

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Teaser: The MR4…Or FXR2…

This post oiginally appeared here, at The guys over at Stick Figure Racing built one of the coolest Lemons cars of all time –  The MRolla, which is the back half of a Toyota MR2 and the front half … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: This Is Mini Weather

What do you do when winter comes, the roads get ugly, and traffic turns sketchy? Why you break out the one vehicle that is most suited for the job. A classic Mini Countryman? Lolwut? Screw road salt and inclement conditions, … Continue reading

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Vote Now! NTC Midget Up For Hooniversal Car Of The Year

Click here to vote!  There is no registration required, just a simple click and vote.  The voting poll is at the bottom of the post, but above the comments section. At this time, it is basically a two horse race … Continue reading

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