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Plymouth Arrow Update: Nothing But The Tail Lights

The original plan was to add a turbo to the NTC Arrow, but that idea was scrapped when a considerable amount of metal shavings were found in the oil pan of the donor engine. So, another donor vehicle was located. … Continue reading

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A Belated Thanksgiving Turkey – The Scion FR-S

This post originally appeared here, as part of Hooniverse’s Thanksgiving Turkey series.  Oh yes I did.  The FR-S wins my vote as a Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey becuase Scion came so close, but fell so short.  These are heady days when … Continue reading

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Exhaust Note: Jingle Bells Played On Throttle

What needs said that isn’t in the title?  The dude plays Jingle Bells with the throttle of his car.  Click through and watch.

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Ebay Find: Sweet Datsun 510 Wagon For Sale (mine)

This Datsun 510 checks all the right boxes.  It has no rust, original paint in a 70s-tastic shade of yellow, it’s a wagon, and it’s a 4 speed.  Word on the street is that it’s current owner is pretty amazing.  … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Separated At Birth, Griffin Edition

Design inspiration could come from anywhere…even Quahog.

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Truck Thursday: 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport

Here it is folks.  The holy grail of the D50/Mighty Max/Arrow family.  This isn’t some customized fixed up truck, it is all original.  The spoked wheels, the f*&#ing awesome decal package, the push bar, and the sunroof are all factory … Continue reading

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Happy Mazda 3(.14159265) Day!

The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter equals this Mazda.  Today is March 14 (National Pi Day) and if you know your Euclidian circles, you’ll appreciate the subtle mods on this car.

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