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Quick Hitter: Midget Love Edition

Some may be familiar with Donna’s Ranch. Some may not. If you aren’t, here is some employment advice: Don’t google it at work. Suffice it to say that they offer free tours, free wi-fi, and free showers, and earn their … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Le Rat Rod Edition

Take a dash of Finnish creativity, a scosche of old French styling, and a few sprinkles of rockabilly kulture and what do you get?  A rat rod Citroën 2CV.  Je veux.

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Rocky Mountain Raceway: Graffiti Drags 2012

Staging lanes are a beautiful thing. The dog days of summer mean automotive events seemingly every weekend.  On the slate for this weekend was the Graffiti Drags presented by Stags Car Club at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City.

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Event Coverage: 2012 Coalville Super Cruise Photo Dump

One of the car shows that I had circled on my calendar for 2012 was the Coalville Super Cruise.  It had been many years since I attended.   This year, however, I heard that my friends Scott and Courtney Clark would … Continue reading

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Prius “Solution” Is Most Environmentally Friendly Car Ever

Just when you thought the Prius had done enough for the environment, those brilliant buggers over at Toyota topped themselves.  Rejoice tree huggers, and behold the most earth-friendly car ever, the Prius Solution. A big hat tip to our new … Continue reading

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Fat Christine: 1952 Buick Small Block Chevrolet Swap

This post was originally written for, and appeared here, at Here at Hooniverse, we advocate “doing stuff” with cars.  Whether it is a day at the track, a gathering at a coffee shop, a roadie, or just working in … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Been There, Done That Edition

While watching the video and seeing the press photos of Gymkhana 5, I noticed that old Kenny Block and I aren’t that different.  One of the photos looked very familiar for some reason.  Then, it dawned on me.  That’s the … Continue reading

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Obligatory: Ken Block Gymkana 5 – Streets Of San Francisco

Ken Block and his driving skills are amazing. The 650 HP Ford Fiesta he drives is also amazing. What could be cooler than watching Block performing his long list of automotive parlor tricks? Watching him perform them in one of … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Super Cute Dumptruck is Super Cute

A friend of mine who loves moisturizers and fly fishing snapped this shot somewhere in the great state of Idaho.  Looking at it, I hope for the sake of the other drivers, that the driver took time to properly secure … Continue reading

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