Teaser: The MR4…Or FXR2…

This post oiginally appeared here, at hooniverse.com.
mrollaThe guys over at Stick Figure Racing built one of the coolest Lemons cars of all time –  The MRolla, which is the back half of a Toyota MR2 and the front half of a Toyota Corolla.  It’s mid-engined, it’s front engined, it’s rear wheel drive, it’s front wheel drive, it’s an automatic trans, it’s a manual trans… In short, it’s everything I ever wanted in a car. 

So what do you do if you have the only twin-engined, AWD car at the track?  You build another one so it doesn’t get lonely. 

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Quick Hitter: This Is Mini Weather

What do you do when winter comes, the roads get ugly, and traffic turns sketchy? Why you break out the one vehicle that is most suited for the job. A classic Mini Countryman? Lolwut?


Screw road salt and inclement conditions, let’s motor!

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Vote Now! NTC Midget Up For Hooniversal Car Of The Year

Click here to vote!  There is no registration required, just a simple click and vote.  The voting poll is at the bottom of the post, but above the comments section.

At this time, it is basically a two horse race between the midget and the Unimog.  The Unimog is getting a ton of support from the Mercedes Benz message board crowd but the midget is holding its own. 

Go Midget!

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In-Car Lemons Highlights: Thunderhill 2012

This post originally appeared here, at Hooniverse.com.

What’s better than more posts about the 24 Hours of Lemons?  More posts featuring me, that’s what.  After the break, you’ll find what amounts to a highlight video from my (first-ever) stint in a Lemons car.  The car?  Why, the 2011 HCOTY, the Killer ZomBee, of course. 

Don’t click though if you don’t like self-indulgence.

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Human Powered Rube Goldberg Machine (With A Red Bull Budget)

Because I love a Rube Goldberg machine more than pretty much anything else and becuase, technically, there is a car somewhere in this video, the decision has been made to share it here.

Click through for the video.

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A Belated Thanksgiving Turkey – The Scion FR-S

This post originally appeared here, as part of Hooniverse’s Thanksgiving Turkey series.


 Oh yes I did. 

The FR-S wins my vote as a Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey becuase Scion came so close, but fell so short.  These are heady days when it comes to performance numbers.  Automakers are stuffing enough horses into cars these days to make the muscle cars of the ’60s look like a bunch of Shriner cars.  The FR-S?   Not so much.

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Quick Hitter: The More Things Change Edition

Say you were forced to choose…which would you take. I’d go with the old in hopes that I would fit better than I do in the new one.


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Nova wagon cruise, 2010

Ever wonder what it would look like to get 15 1962-1967 Nova station wagons together for a cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway? Well, wonder no more! This cruise happened in 2010, so it’s old news, but it as an annual event. I think I am safe in assuming that this could only happen in Southern California.

Click through for the sweet video.

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The 12 Most Significant Cars – According To Car & Driver

Car and Driver put some thought into this list, which is interesting becuase, unlike many other lists of best or coolest, it considers influence on the automotive world. I couldn’t find much to disagree with.

Click through to watch the video and give your opinions on what was left out.
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Exhaust Note: Jingle Bells Played On Throttle

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 10.53.05 PM

What needs said that isn’t in the title?  The dude plays Jingle Bells with the throttle of his car.  Click through and watch.

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