FX32 Lemons Build Update

This post originally appeared here, at Hooniverse.com.


The guys at Stick Figure/Volitile Ram Racing continue to amaze. They have the (Mr.) FX32 right on schedule to make it to Sonoma in March. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this project, it boils down to this: Weld the back half of an MR2 to the front half of an FX16 to make a single race car with two seperate drivetrains driving all four wheels. What could go wrong?

FX32new2Stripping the areas to be welded.

At this time, the two chunks of Toyota goodness have been fused into one car that actually looks like a car again. The roll cage is nearly finished, both engines are in, and a theme is being developed.


A million details always seem to remain, and this project is no exception to that rule. Wiring, brakes, fuel delivery, instrument clusters, and cooling systems are still on the list.



It is really quite impressive how well the fitment of the two bodies came together. Except for a few minor visual cues, nobody would guess that the heart of an MR2 beats behind the driver’s seat of an ordinary-looking FX.

Stay tuned.

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1 Response to FX32 Lemons Build Update

  1. Michael says:

    Gee, Scott. Taking two halves of two different cars, two engines each with its own transmission and putting them together to make one car? I can’t think of a thing that could go wrong.

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