Sears Pointless Highlight: TransMission IMPossible

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The guys over at Flaming A-Holes racing put together one of the greatest Lemons cars in the history of ever.  A Hillman/Sunbeam Imp.  Not only did it start the race, which was an impressive acheivment, it accomplished several other amazing feats.  First, it raced all day Saturday.  Second, it raced all day Sunday.  (All with the original Rootes Group rear engine goofiness, mind you.)  Third, it won the coveted Index of Effluency award.

Was that enough for this little British turd?  No way.  Along the way, it did some great drifting.  Click through for a short video compilation of the Imp racking up style points in turn 11.

Now, this guy is no Ken Block (thankfully), but keep in mind that he’s driving a 60 hp, rear-engined econobox from 4-plus decades ago.  Pure Lemons magic!

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