Our 1964 Galaxie Country Sedan is for sale

IMG_3193This car is listed on eBay.  It’s an amazing car in amazing original condition.  Click on any of the photos below for a larger version.  See the ebay ad here to buy.

IMG_3198This auction has no reserve. The original paint, the chrome and brightwork, the original interior, all in great shape.  The car currently has the body matched wheels and poverty caps, but also includes the hubcaps you see in some of the photos.

See lots more photos after the click.


Some of the photos are overexposed.  Turns out the sky blue is hard to photograph.  Although it may look like the paint is faded, it is not.  As you page down, you’ll see many photos that show the paint better than this first set.  IMG_3197 IMG_3195 IMG_3199 IMG_3194 IMG_3193 IMG_2887 IMG_2885 IMG_2884 IMG_2882 IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2880 IMG_2875 IMG_2874 IMG_2873 IMG_2872 IMG_2871 IMG_2861 IMG_2864 IMG_2868 IMG_2869 IMG_2870 IMG_2858 IMG_2855 IMG_2853 IMG_2852 IMG_2851 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2841 IMG_2842 IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2840 IMG_2839 IMG_2838 IMG_2834 IMG_2836 IMG_2832 IMG_2830 IMG_2829 IMG_2828 IMG_2827 IMG_2826 IMG_2823 IMG_2822 IMG_2821 IMG_2820 IMG_2814 IMG_2813 IMG_2812 IMG_2811 IMG_2810 IMG_2809 IMG_2807 IMG_2804 IMG_2799 IMG_2794 IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2789 IMG_2788 IMG_2787 IMG_2786 IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2783 IMG_2782 IMG_2781 IMG_2779 IMG_2778 IMG_2777 IMG_2776 IMG_2775 IMG_2774 IMG_2771 IMG_2770 IMG_2769 IMG_2768 IMG_2767 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764 IMG_2763 IMG_2762 IMG_2760 IMG_2759 IMG_2758 IMG_2757 IMG_2755 IMG_2754

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