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Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting

This post originally appeared here, at I wasn’t sure how to title this post. I went with “Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting”, but it could very well have been, “All The Gods In All Of The Hooniverse Are … Continue reading

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CycleKarting: Coolest Thing Ever

[image source:] Have you heard of cyclekarting?  The premise is an affordable, attractive go-kart for adults.  The “rules” state that you cannot buy a cyclekart; you must build it yourself.  The final product is genius.  Hit the jump for … Continue reading

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Ear Candy: A Supercharged Inline 8 Cylinder Powered Roadster

This post originally appeared here, at   Some ideas just sound right.  An example of such an idea is taking a straight eight Packard engine, adding a McCulloch supercharger and four Stromberg carburetors and dropping the whole monster in … Continue reading

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Lada Selecta: An Online Lada Customizer

If you are in to customizing Russian cars (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then Lada Selecta is the site for you. Choose a body style and go hog wild.  Paint colors, ride height, rims and tires, and roof racks … Continue reading

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So That’s Who It’s For: Lil’ Kenny Sighting

Well this was a treat.  I have never seen one in person but, as I strolled along at a recent car show, there it was.  A miniature semi truck.  Why, you ask, would someone want a this?  Because Kenworth.

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Quick Hitter: Super Cute Dumptruck is Super Cute

A friend of mine who loves moisturizers and fly fishing snapped this shot somewhere in the great state of Idaho.  Looking at it, I hope for the sake of the other drivers, that the driver took time to properly secure … Continue reading

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Shopping Advice: IXOOST iPod/iPhone Docks

This post was originally written for, and appeared here, at Combine a custom machined block of aluminum, some old exhaust headers, and some high-quality speakers and what do you get? IXOOST, which is today’s coolest tech/automotive gadget. Rush out … Continue reading

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