Fastback Friday: World’s Nicest ’82 Capri Up For Sale

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Note: The claim in the title of this post is based on thousands tens of hours of research in this area. If you want to pick nits, perhaps it should read, “World’s Nicest 1982 Capri RS 5.0 4-Speed Is Up For Sale”. The point is, this thing is sexy sweet and you need it. You may not have even known that you needed a Capri RS. Well, now you do.

Click through for more of the best beige you’ve ever seen.


Mercury’s version of the Fox platform Mustang came out in the same year as Ford’s.  The Mustang sold very well in 1982, with 130,000 units sold.  The Capri certainly didn’t keep pace, but still sold a respectable 59,000 units.  Of those, only 8.800 had the RS option.  Most of those are (let’s face it, they were built in 1982) long gone now.


This particular example, while being an alarmingly tan shade of beige, has some great options.  A manual transmission is right at the top of the list.  The RS package, (which included sweet “RS” stickers on the front fender), a 5.0 engine, a removable sunroof, and of course, a hatchback all add to the reasons to buy this car.

Further, the seller claims that it only has an original 45,000 miles on the clock. If that claim is true, the $5000 ask seems downright reasonable.  Click here for the ad.


(For the record, Hooniverse realizes that Fox platform FoMoCo products have a huge following and that somewhere out there, someone is muttering to himself about how this isn’t really the nicest example of an ’82 Capri.  Whoever you are, you are wrong.)

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