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Midget Love Week: NTC Midget Appears In Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine

Ok, I promise, this will be the last midget post for at least a week or two.  In August of 2012, a group of friends and I attended Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  That group had hooked up … Continue reading

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NTC Midget Wins Hooniverse Car Of The Year!

That’s right folks, the NTC midget has been awarded the most prestigious award in the automotive world. Thanks to everyone out there who helped and/or followed along. (Note: No thanks to the guy at Peach Days who asked why I … Continue reading

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Midget Update: LeMons Prep

This post originally appeared here, at I would like to announce that I have made the questionable decision to accept the poorly thought out invitation from the Killer Zombees Racing Team to join them at 24 hours of Lemons … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Midget Love Edition

Some may be familiar with Donna’s Ranch. Some may not. If you aren’t, here is some employment advice: Don’t google it at work. Suffice it to say that they offer free tours, free wi-fi, and free showers, and earn their … Continue reading

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Prius “Solution” Is Most Environmentally Friendly Car Ever

Just when you thought the Prius had done enough for the environment, those brilliant buggers over at Toyota topped themselves.  Rejoice tree huggers, and behold the most earth-friendly car ever, the Prius Solution. A big hat tip to our new … Continue reading

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Truck Thursday: S10EV On The Cheap?

(This post was originally written for, and appeared here, at From 1996 to 2003, GM built an electric car called the EV1. The car was a huge hit with environmentalists. Actor Ed Begley Jr. had one and sung its … Continue reading

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Adorable. 1961 R/C Impala Low-Rider With Hydraulics

This is a video of a radio control ’61 Impala low-rider with functional hydraulics.  It is just about as cute as anything.  It rides on a scratch-built brass frame and it does all the standard low-rider moves. Click it for … Continue reading

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