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Rick Prelinger’s Lost Landscapes Of San Francisco – Archival Footage

This film is a bit of a departure for Need That Car, as it is more historical than automotive, but don’t worry, there are a ton of cars to glance as the film rolls along. Rick Prelinger has spent countless … Continue reading

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Car Jump In Super Slo-Mo

This is a the unfortunate truth in HD, slow motion detail about what happens when you jump your car.  It is also very cool. Unlike the video, this post has no jump.  Just watch the video and enjoy! – NTC

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Bajaj Tempo Hanseat, As Presented By Jean-Pierre Jeunet

This post was originally written for, and appeared here, on So often in my life, I have discovered that a certain car exists and that I want one on the same day.  The Tempo Hanseat fits snugly into that … Continue reading

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Weekly Wagon Déjà Vu Edition: 1960 Hillman Husky

Now don’t go thinking I’m getting lazy.  This is not the same Hillman Husky that was featured here before.  It’s a newer, nicer one.  This one has the updated body styling, many new mechanicals, and shiny paint. Hit the jump … Continue reading

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1968 VW Transporter: Best Ad Text Since Lady-Lovin’ Lincoln

This Transporter is for sale in Orem, Utah.  It looks to be in nice shape but what is great about it is the way the owner wrote the ad.  The entire text is as follows: “My bus could be your bus. The … Continue reading

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To All The Cars I’ve Loved Before: 1964 Falcon Delivery

We all do it.  We reflect on relationships of days gone by.  We think of what could have been, what would life be like now if we hadn’t split up with this one or that one.  This series is my … Continue reading

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Weekly Wagon: 1963 Mercury Colony Park

Need That Car loves station wagons.  This 1963 Mercury Colony Park marks the first of a weekly series devoted to the station wagon.  Perhaps this particular wagon is not the most auspicious beginning for a weekly series, but station wagons … Continue reading

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Adorable. 1961 R/C Impala Low-Rider With Hydraulics

This is a video of a radio control ’61 Impala low-rider with functional hydraulics.  It is just about as cute as anything.  It rides on a scratch-built brass frame and it does all the standard low-rider moves. Click it for … Continue reading

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1966 Nova-mino. Just like Chevrolet would have done.

I usually advocate that you go buy the cars featured here.  That is not the case with this one.  Not because it’s not a great car, but because they are asking $45,000.  This is a 1966 Nova station wagon (with … Continue reading

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Fishing for a deal? 1965 Rambler Marlin

Get it? Fishing? Hoo-boy!  See what I did there? Here’s a car that has been on my list of things I need to own sometime in my life since I saw one for the first time in a junkyard in … Continue reading

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