Weekly Wagon Déjà Vu Edition: 1960 Hillman Husky

Now don’t go thinking I’m getting lazy.  This is not the same Hillman Husky that was featured here before.  It’s a newer, nicer one.  This one has the updated body styling, many new mechanicals, and shiny paint.

Need that car hillman huskyHit the jump for more “haven’t I seen that before?”

The old Hillman post here at NTC was about a 1956 Husky.  In that post was mentioned how the body style lines were smoothed for the second generation of Husky.  Now you can see the difference side by side (I know you’ve been waiting for this).

Need that car

They even have the same paint scheme...eerie.

The 1960 model was full of upgrades.  For example the 1265 cc engine was upsized to 1390 cc.  It was two inches longer and now included a four-speed transmission.  The poor blokes who bought the ’56 model must have really felt like chumps for not holding out for these changes.

Hillman Husky for saleJoking aside, this Husky has been nicely sorted and looks like it would make a great driver.  The interior is spotless and the engine bay is nearly as nice.  The ad is here on ebay, with the reserve not yet met.

Hillman Husky

So, should you buy it? Yes of course. Why? Because despite all the upgrades, it still has that side-hinged rear door. You can’t say no to that. Plus, need That Car is developing a real soft spot for these little wagons. Perhaps you should even buy both – you know, his and hers Hillman Huskys.

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2 Responses to Weekly Wagon Déjà Vu Edition: 1960 Hillman Husky

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    Mock me if you will, but I love the baby blue/red color combination. Not just because it’s a red interior, but I think it looks cool. I may have to incorporate that into a future project…

  2. needthatcar says:

    I haven’t seen that combo much, but it definitely works on this car. I concur.

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