1968 VW Transporter: Best Ad Text Since Lady-Lovin’ Lincoln

This Transporter is for sale in Orem, Utah.  It looks to be in nice shape but what is great about it is the way the owner wrote the ad.  The entire text is as follows:

“My bus could be your bus. The best part is it has a new 1776 engine in it, the worst part is that it could be your bus, then I would miss it, and regret selling it.”

Click through for more photos.

Most of us have felt this way at one time or another.  There’s a reason to get rid of a vehicle and it makes sense in your head, but your heart hates the idea.

The asking price is $4200.00, which seems reasonable, though I am not well-versed on VW Transporter price points.  Find the ad here on KSL.

Should you buy it?  I doubt you can think of an argument against the idea, so yes.

By the way, click here on Lady Lovin’ Lincoln ad text for the aforementioned Lincoln ad.

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