In-Car Lemons Highlights: Thunderhill 2012

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What’s better than more posts about the 24 Hours of Lemons?  More posts featuring me, that’s what.  After the break, you’ll find what amounts to a highlight video from my (first-ever) stint in a Lemons car.  The car?  Why, the 2011 HCOTY, the Killer ZomBee, of course. 

Don’t click though if you don’t like self-indulgence.

This is from the Thunderhill 2012 race in September.  There were 180 teams and most of those were able to get their crapcans running long enough for the start of the race, which I was on the track for.  The track is almost 3 miles long, but there was a ton of traffic.  Most of the highlights are the ZomBee passing someone or dealing with traffic. The ZomBee was in class “C”, which is the slowest, so usually other cars are passing you, but a highlight video of being passed in the Bee would take too long.

When I showed up at the track, I knew exactly zero people.  Throughout the weekend, I met a bunch of great folks, not the least of which was the all female MyDoll team.  Their black BMW trimmed in pink was one of the cars the Bee was able to pass consistently. Their team RV is the nicest ’78 Dodge van-based motorhome left in existence. I wish I had thought to take some photos so I could write it up for the ‘Verse. 

Anyway, on to the action!

I am happy to report that I made it through two 90 minute shifts in the car and never went off or rubbed another car.  (Rubbin’s racing, Harry!)

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