Project Turbo Arrow Wiring Update

Quick update on the Arrow project: I was able to finally pare down the Conquest Harness to just the engine control items. That is, mass air flow, boost sensor, spark controller, temp, oil pressure, knock sensor, and the ECM.

Click through for more of the carnage.

It would have been nice if Mitsubishi would have thought ahead enough to know that some greaseball would eventually want to swap the engine and control harness.  If they had, they woud not have tangled most of its wires in with the non-interesting stuff, like speakers, door locks, cruise control, etc.   Let’s just say I hope I never get myself into a Japanese corn maze if it’s anything like this wiring harness.

(Click any of the photos for a hi-res view)

Here is the control harness, laid out on my makeshift wiring table after removal of the non-essentials.

This is the huge pile of non-engine related wires - at least I hope they aren't related.

 It only took about three partial days (one of those with help) to figure out what stayed and what went.  A good portion of that time was just learning how to read the wiring diagrams.  This is my first ever injection swap, so its all new to me.

Now all that needs to be done is figuring out where to hook constant power, switched power, starting power, and ground.  (Plus mounting the engine, oil cooler, intercooler, adding a clutch and a 5 speed to the truck, and hoping it all works.)

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