Project Turbo Arrow Update: Wires

I did two things for the first time today.  One was learning how to make a stop-motion video with my new camera, the other was breaking down one vehicle’s wiring harness in order to use it in another vehicle.

NTC Plymouth ArrowClick through to see the first bits of progress on the harness.

To be perfectly honest, this is only the first 2 hours of this project (condensed into one minute).  There are long days ahead.  However, I wanted to try the time lapse video thing, so you, dear reader, get to play along with me as I experiment with both the Arrow and making movies.

That is my friend Sam who shows up to help.  Ignore the fact that his side of the table stays cleaner than mine.  He was closer to the garbage can.

Stay tuned as my wiring and movie making skills improve.

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