Ebay Find: Sweet Datsun 510 Wagon For Sale (mine)


This Datsun 510 checks all the right boxes.  It has no rust, original paint in a 70s-tastic shade of yellow, it’s a wagon, and it’s a 4 speed.  Word on the street is that it’s current owner is pretty amazing.  I have it on good authority that he “World’s Most Interesting Man” once peed himself at the mere mention of this car’s owner.


This car (click here for the ad) spent most of its life in dry Las Vegas.  It still sports a Nellis Air Force Base sticker on the front bumper.  510s have a devout following these days.  The little race car that could started it all.  All decked out in Simoniz livery, the #46 510 won its class in the Trans Am series back in 1972.  That success, along with attractive styling and a unique quality gave birth to a Datsun fan base that is still alive and well today.


This car is a little dinged and scratched, but, if it were mine – which it is for another few days – I wouldn’t change a thing about the exterior.  Well, I would change the wheels, but the body and paint I would leave.  The great thing about original paint cars is that they don’t have to be perfect.  Show up at a show or a run and everyone will love it for its originality and character.

Lada Selecta640

This image is of a Lada, but  it serves as what would be my vision of how the 510 was to look if I’d ever finished it.  Of  course, with the ’70s yellow instead of the orange.


Hopefully, it will get a loving new owner who will make it even nicer and drive the wheels off of it.

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1 Response to Ebay Find: Sweet Datsun 510 Wagon For Sale (mine)

  1. needthatcar says:

    Update: The car sold for $3k even. Here’s hoping the new owner loves it!

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