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Wells Fun Run 2012: Drag Racing

If you ever wondered what Wells, Nevada looks like, the photo above is close, although, I used some heavy effects to make it look as lush and inviting as it does in this photo.  Desolation notwithstanding, Wells hosts a car … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Spotted In The Wild Edition

It is very rare to see these creatures in the wild.  Here, a lucky photographer was able to snap a shot of three General Motors products cavorting in a barren, desert habitat.  In the photo, you see a 1968 Camaro, … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Midget Love Edition

Some may be familiar with Donna’s Ranch. Some may not. If you aren’t, here is some employment advice: Don’t google it at work. Suffice it to say that they offer free tours, free wi-fi, and free showers, and earn their … Continue reading

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