Event Coverage: 2012 Coalville Super Cruise Photo Dump

Coalville Super Cruise 2012

One of the car shows that I had circled on my calendar for 2012 was the Coalville Super Cruise.  It had been many years since I attended.   This year, however, I heard that my friends Scott and Courtney Clark would have their ’63 Nova station wagon featured on the event T-shirt, so I just had to attend.

Hit the jump for some of the highlights of the overcast action.

A quick note on the T-shirt art above.  I think there is a real vacuum in the area of cool, good looking car show t-shirts.  I most likely won’t wear this shirt, and wouldn’t have spent the $10 if a wagon just like mine wasn’t pictured prominently.  Also, oatmeal and pale peach were the awful color choices.

Viva Las Vegas has it right with their black shirt and professional art.

Anyway, enough of my car show apparel rant, let’s get on to the photos:

Coalville Super Cruise 2012

Kyle and Alex Harris’ sweet ’34 Coupe

The Super Cruise is different from most car shows in that the participants meet in one of three locations, Salt Lake City, Ogden, or Evanston, Wyoming, then cruise to Coalville together.  It is about a 45 minute drive from any one of the meeting locations.  20 or 30 hot rods running along I-80 together is quite a sight.

Coalville Super Cruise 2012

A great use of a slant six in a 1933 Plymouth.Coalville Super Cruise 2012Coalville Super Cruise 2012This Bricklin SV-1 is an original, unrestored car with only 6,400 miles.  It has nearly as many stuffed animals as miles on the odometer.

Coalville Super Cruise 2012
1954 Vette. My personal favorite photo of the bunch. (Click any for wallpaper-sized versions)

Coalville Super Cruise 2012
Red/Orange/Red/OrangeCoalville Super Cruise 2012Coalville Super Cruise 2012Coalville Super Cruise 2012

Overall, the show was a great event.  Everyone who braved the threatening skies and the  drizzling rain had a great time.  The weather kept the event a bit smaller than it normally is, but it was still a nice turnout.



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4 Responses to Event Coverage: 2012 Coalville Super Cruise Photo Dump

  1. Michael says:

    When was this?

  2. Gregg says:

    I own the Bricklin, and had a great time even whith the threatening weather. I’ll be back next year.

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