Rocky Mountain Raceway: Graffiti Drags 2012

Staging lanes are a beautiful thing.

The dog days of summer mean automotive events seemingly every weekend.  On the slate for this weekend was the Graffiti Drags presented by Stags Car Club at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City.

Click any of the photos for larger resolution.

Vintage iron was the order of the day.  All cars were required to be 1979 or older to participate.  This was a street-legal, run-what-you-brung event, so there were radical blown hot rods to everyday street cruisers.

While the event was kept very low-key, there were still bracket racing elimination rounds as the night wore on.  Bracket racing handicaps faster cars and truly allows any car a chance to win.  It’s a very interesting game of guessing how fast your car will be, cutting  a good reaction time, and turning in consistent times.

This Mustang wasn’t even close to the fastest car in our group, but it was the only one that made it to the second round.

There was also a small car show going on out in the parking lot, which adds nicely to the background of this photo.

(Self-indulgent shots of the NTC wagon just can’t be helped.)

I am a big advocate of trying to have fun participating in different events with your specialty car (or your daily driver, if they aren’t one and the same).  This event did not disappoint, entertainment-wise.  The great group of fellow hoons I went with just made the whole experience even better.


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