Quick Hitter: Mormon Meteor Metro

The original Mormon Meteor III had a Curtiss aircraft engine that displaced 1,670 cubic inches.  This weak facsimile only has 543.  The Meteor had 750 hp, this copy has 330. 

Mormon Metro busHit the jump for a shadier picture.

The one thing the Metro version has going for it is that it will seat 40 people, with room for at least 40 more standing.  The Meteor?  Seats only one.  I won’t even mention carbon footprints.

The exhibit this bus is advertising is Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile. It will be on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts until September 16. Tickets for adults are $18.

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1 Response to Quick Hitter: Mormon Meteor Metro

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    This bus-conversion-to-car is much better than the Corvette that one of the local Chevy dealers did a few years back. Proportions are almost right!

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