Modern Art Monday: Parking Lot Bonus At The Speed Exhibit

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Over the weekend, Ray and I were fortunate enough to take in an exhibit called Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile. After taking in the wonders within the museum, we were greeted with a happy surprise in the parking lot, more interesting cars to round out our afternoon. One was this sweet Citroen Ds.

Hit it for more classics in the wild.

Word on the street was that these cars belonged to local car club that had arranged to come to the museum for the exhibit.  I have no idea what kind of car club would have this hodge-podge of vehicles in it, but I like it.  This Model A pickup was clean but definitely a driver. 

I am pretty sure there is a federal law that states that no special interest automotive gathering shall be held without at least one tri-5 Chevrolet.  Fortunately, this canary yellow ’55 kept the Feds at bay.

Why a land barge Buick that hangs out of both the front and back of its parking spot? Why not?

1939 Chrysler – From the Art Deco era

That unmistakable Packard grille.

Cadillac LaSalle, The Standard of the World. (I read that somewhere.) Extra points to any Hoon who can identify the green car on the left of this shot.

Finally, the last two shots here are my attempt at something a bit more artistic.  perhaps spending the afternoon in the museum inspired me.  Enjoy!

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1 Response to Modern Art Monday: Parking Lot Bonus At The Speed Exhibit

  1. JB says:

    I love the Citroen. Such a unique car.

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