Modern Art Monday: Speed’s Fancy Bits

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Last weekend, Ray and I were fortunate enough to take in an exhibit called Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile. It features a very impressive collection of some of the most notable racing machines of the automotive era. There were also one or two street cars in the collection (the ’54 Ferrari made me think many impure thoughts).

More photos after the jump:

The exhibit resides in the entire first floor of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on the campus of the University of Utah. Since it was in a museum, I was feeling inspired. So pardon my self-indulgence as I present some bits and pieces of the show as seen through my untrained photographic eye.

Mormon Meteor III: A superhero should drive this car. In a way, I suppose Ab Jenkins was a superhero.

I found it difficult to stray from the two Mormon Meteors on display.

More of the Meteors

More cars should have leather straps holding the bonnet down.

Part of the museum’s permanent collection, this sculpture is made of bits of found tires. Interestingly topical.


As a vintage midget fan, I can’t help but love this brake lever.

This car was Steampunk before Steampunk was trendy.

There are so many unbelievable details in this exhibit that this post falls miserably short. If you are anywhere near Salt Lake City this summer, the exhibit will be at the UMFA until September 16. (Ticket prices for an adult are $18, which seems a bit tall for 19 cars. That said, the cars are incredible, so your R.O.I. is pretty solid.) Many thanks to Shelbey Lang, who was our contact at the museum and went out of her way to accommodate us.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2012/Scott Ith

(Note:  If you would like an extra-large, wallpaper suitable version of any of these photos, let me know.)

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