Not For Hills: 1956 Hillman

Most people don’t have a strong opinion on the 1956 Hillman Husky wagon.  In fact, most people have never seen one, let alone one for sale, let alone one for sale in Utah.  Well this post marks the end of all those regrettable things.  Presenting: the nicest 1956 Hillman Husky we’ve ever seen…for sale…in Utah – and you’ll probably form an opinion here too.

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Click the Hillman for the ad.

There is so much to like about this car.  Take it to a cruise night and you’ll be guaranteed to have the only one there.   It’s cute, it’s cuddly, your kids could use it to navigate the back yard if you accidentally hit them with your experimental shrink-ray, etc… 

Click the front tire for the ad.

The Hillman Company was based in England and was a subsidiary of the Rootes Group.  The Rootes Group was parent company to Sunbeam, and later, Peugeot.  The first generation Husky was produced from 1954-1958.  These early cars had pronounced, stylized fender lines in the front and rear.  Later iterations saw the body sides flattened and simplified.  Performance was not a concern for Hillman as they equipped the Husky with a 1265 cc, 35 bhp (26 kW) side valve engine.  This engine was good for a top speed of 65 M.P.H. and 33 M.P.G.  0-50 (yes, 50) time was 24.3 seconds.  1/4 mile times were measured with a calendar.  Finally, At 84″, the wheelbase is only 4″ longer than a classic Mini Cooper. 

Nothing too fancy in here.

There are a few examples in the states of Huskies that people have stuffed v8 engines in, but rarely do you see one with a running, original drivetrain.  This one is all original and looks to be in excellent, unrestored condition for its age.  The side-hinged rear door is a nifty British touch. 

The seller claims to have used it as a daily driver for part of 2008. 

We would give the wheels a shot of the same color as the lighter body color, clean up the front door panels and seats, and put this car on the road.  If eventually the engine stopped running, perhaps a Honda S2000 drivetrain would be fun.  Or, perhaps you could get all of your clown buddies together and go somewhere clowny.

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10 Responses to Not For Hills: 1956 Hillman

  1. James Farrow says:

    Is this vehicle still available? How much? Contact info please

    • needthatcar says:

      The second photo links to the ad. The ad is still up, so I think it’s available. I wish I had the time/space/money to buy it myself. Good luck, and please let us know if you end up buying it!

  2. Stephanie Asay says:

    I’m not even kidding you, my husband and I bought this car yesterday! It’s the most adorable attention getter I have even seen and it runs like a top!

    • Mick says:

      I just baught a husky like yours today. It needs a little love and is missing a few pieces. I was wondering if it would be possible if you could send me a few close up pictures of the dash guages/ignition switch area maybe possibly the front seats and door panels. Thanks for your time! Anything would be appreciated!

    • Jason P says:

      If you ever wish to sell your Hillman, please email me. This is the one that got away from me in Moab. -Jason

    • Jason Pipenhagen says:

      Hello, my name is Jason. I live in the St. George Utah. If you still have this Hillman or if you sold it and know who has it, or someone that has one, please let me know. I have a little collection of oddball cars and for some reason this car keeps coming up. I can’t get this car out of my mind. I’m not really on social media or anything like that. My email is Thanks so much for your time. ~Jason

  3. Patrick Bell says:

    That car brings back a lot of memories. My parents bought one very similar slightly used in 1956 shortly after I was born. It served as our main car for abour 6 years, and our second car for about another 3 years. Then it went to an uncle of mine, who used it for another 2 or 3 years. Then it went to some sort of a mine to be used as an utility vehicle. This was all in Alaska. It was a very reliable car. I don’t think we ever had any major problems with it.

  4. Love it!! Your blog rates an A+ with me! Great cars! Keep up the good work!

  5. Reblogged this on Ron's Car Care LLC and commented:
    Love automotive oddities (especially ones like this that somehow found their way to our shores). Super Cool!


  6. Jim Simpson says:

    The 59 husky has a grill a bit more similar to a Mini. I had a 59 for several years and had the 1750 Alpine engine in it. I saw it in San Francisco snap shot recently. . It need a little more work now. The steering drag link goes across the firewall- so it will accept a wide variety of motors. The front inner A arm bushings are threaded like the AH Sprite and a little nasty to repair. But- all in all- one of the first production Mono-cock cars built–in Scotland!

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