Can you really call it Town? 1972 Town and Country.

I mean, let’s be honest here.  At some point, the town graduates to a city, or a municipality, or a country of it’s own.  Maybe they should have called it Population Center and Country….or just Country.

This thing is the king of station wagons.  The Family Truckster would literally hide in shame in the presence of this car.  If it weren’t $22,000 I’d be building an addition to the garage right now.

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It has seating for 22, plus room between the grille and the radiator for 3 or four more.  It has a 440, automatic trans and 33,000 original miles. It’s nothing short of majestic.

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To be honest, I have never seen this particular model that I remember.  Now that I know it exists, I am a changed man.  Now let’s take it to Wally World!

6000 pounds of love.

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