Looks Familiar – 1937 Ford Woody Project

This 1937 Ford Woodie project looks familiar to Need That Car.  Perhaps it’s because I once owned it.  It’s now here on ebay for the low, low price of…FREE!  Well, free if you pay the shop that currently owns it to finish the Woodie conversion, which would set you back only $55-65k.

Need that car phantom woodieHit it to get wood.

I bought this car with the idea of turning it into a phantom woody.  It was originally a 4-door slantback, which I carefully removed the back half of to make way for a sleek 2-door slantback woody hot rod.  The vision was something like this:

Unfortunately, I stalled on the project and lost interest.  I came to a point where the next step in the process, no matter which step I chose, was very expensive.  So, I decided to let it go.  Too bad too, because the body itself was extraordinarily nice, the frame was boxed and solid, the TCI suspension was installed, and the engine and trans were mounted.

When it left here, it looked like this:

1937 Ford neeedthatcarThe seller has added a coat of primer, bolted on the bumpers, and screwed on the headlight housings.  Beyond that, not much has changed.  He claims it is worth $12k as it sits, which makes me think I should have sold it for more.

Need that carJoking aside, the car is a great start.  The steel in in great shape, the frame was expertly boxed, and the suspension is from TCI, who makes a great product.

Is it worth $60k?  If you shop around for woodies, you’ll find that price to be pretty competitive.  The market for woodies, especially ’30s Ford woodies, is small but expensive. Should you buy it?  Need That Car is staying neutral on this one.

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2 Responses to Looks Familiar – 1937 Ford Woody Project

  1. Toni and Michael Carroll says:

    Hey- we bought your car and are having it finished!! Should be finished around May and we’re planning to do something we’ve never seen on a woodie. We’ll keep you posted.

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