SLC Autorama Highlight: Apolo Ohno’s 1964 Cadillac

This beautiful 1964 Cadillac made its debut at SEMA a few months ago, but with all the goings-on at SEMA, it may have been lost in the shuffle a bit.  Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful car.

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The car was built by Kindig It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah for eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno.  Ohno lives in Utah and can be regularly seen training at the Olympic ice oval.  The Salt Lake City Autorama was only the second time the car has been on public display.  It was a real treat to see it up close.

The brilliance of this car lies in its details.  For example, at the rear of the quarter panel, is the custom Olympic rings emblem.  It is small enough to not look out of place, yet sends its message loud and clear.

More details, like the airbrushed images of Ohno himself on the amplifiers in the trunk of the car and the lighted “ice rink” on the floor of the trunk.

So often, car builders try to accomplish this sort of personalization but in doing it, they kill the original design of the car.  Sometimes, they just create a gaudy eyesore that nobody but the creator could ever want.  Kindig It did not cross that line with this car.  It has just enough to set it apart while still being tasteful.  An example can been seen in the Olympic rings gauge cluster.  It has the right amount of paint and chrome that you may not notice the customization at first (unless you are a ’64 Caddy aficionado).

In the end, this is a high-end car built by a high-end shop for an incredibly accomplished person.  It is as excellent as it should be.  And while there are many details that make it unquestionably Apolo Ohno’s car, if the hood and trunk are closed and the car is driving down the highway, one would probably never notice anything but a cool-as-ice Caddy going by.

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4 Responses to SLC Autorama Highlight: Apolo Ohno’s 1964 Cadillac

  1. needthatcar says:

    “I made the “Not bad.” face when I looked at the gauges.” – Jeff Glucker

  2. Jason says:

    Seeing the Olympic rings on a car looks a lot like the Audi symbol. Great post. I love this car!

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