CycleKarting: Coolest Thing Ever

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Have you heard of cyclekarting?  The premise is an affordable, attractive go-kart for adults.  The “rules” state that you cannot buy a cyclekart; you must build it yourself. 

The final product is genius. 

Hit the jump for more about this alternative automotive hobby.

Cyclekarts are styled to look like race cars of the 1920s.  To acheive this look, they borrow 17″ wheels and tires from motorcycles – usually from a Honda Trail 90.  They are generally powered by a Honda GX200, 6.5 HP engine. The power is transfered to the wheels by a go kart Comet TAV-30 Torque-A-verter. 

The bodies are constructed by hand of plywood, lightweight steel, and other materials.  The finished product shouldn’t cost more than about $2000 and should only weigh around 250 pounds.  The awesome/weight ratio may be higher than any other car. 

Here are a couple of videos.  The first is a general walk-around showing the guts and design of a cyclekart.  The second features cyclekart racing action.

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2 Responses to CycleKarting: Coolest Thing Ever

  1. nutzforautos says:

    How did I miss this?? Damn me! This is freakin’ awesome..a new winter project!

  2. TOGunslinger says:

    I have dreamed of building one of these for over half my life that’s about forty years…now I may be too old. How neat is this ?

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