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Need That Car – Name That Car II

The future has come and gone.  At least this car thinks so.  According to this adornment, this car is Futuramic.  What car is it?  (Hint: It’s not a Delorean) Click Bender to make your guess in the comment section.

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I Have No Idea Who This Is For: Lil Kenny

I don’t know how to start this post, so I’ll just let this photo say its 1,000 words: This photo stands as one of my favorites of all time.  Is it forced perspective?  Is it photoshopped?  Nope, it’s two Lil … Continue reading

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Within a Mile of Home: Scrap Yard Photoshoot

I have intended to shoot this building and yard for some time now.  It is quite a collection of old cars, old buildings, old work trucks, and plain old stuff. Click through for many more shots.

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Scootmobile – Wait, What?

Born of neccessity, the scootmobile was a miniature automotive movement of the 1940s.  WWII had seen severe rationing of gasoline and people were finding efficient alternatives to ordinary automobiles. This is one of the more attractive examples. Click for more.

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Need That Car – Name That Car

Many touches of auto design from days gone by have faded away over the decades.  One of which was the iconic hood emblem.  What better way to brighten up an otherwise dull hood than a flying chrome nymph? Click it … Continue reading

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