I Have No Idea Who This Is For: Lil Kenny

I don’t know how to start this post, so I’ll just let this photo say its 1,000 words:

Need that car Lil Kenny

This photo stands as one of my favorites of all time.  Is it forced perspective?  Is it photoshopped?  Nope, it’s two Lil Kennys.  Miniature Kenworths that are commercially available to adapt to your existing pickup frame.  Everyone (read: no-one) needs one.

Hit the jump for more about Lil Kenny (and Lil Pete).

Lil Kenny and Lil Pete (Kenworth and Peterbuilt if you aren’t well-versed on semi manufacturers) are available through http://www.lilbigrig.com.  They convert ordinary Ford pickups into works of art.  Veritable masterpieces.  The cost of the kit is about $12,995.00 with many options available that could push the cost up to around $16k – a small price to pay for this:

Need That Car Lil Pete Lil Kenny

Lil Pete

As you can see, women gravitate to these things.  They are just so full of win that you’ll be the hit of any party.  You’ll be the talk of the town.

NTC Lil KennyJoking aside, they are surprisingly not that bad looking.  I would really like to see one in person.  I certainly don’t want one, but they are unique enough that I would take a good long look if I saw one out in the wild.

Lil PeteTo me, the conversion doesn’t ring true without the dual rear axles, like the red truck has in the photos above.  Either way, though, they are a special kind of awesome.  I am priveledged to have shared them with you.

If any of the commentariat has seen one or knows where one is, please tell me all about it.

For more info and photos of both trucks, visit http://www.lilbigrig.com/Home_Page.php

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2 Responses to I Have No Idea Who This Is For: Lil Kenny

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    Goofy, yes. But awesome tailgate rig, especially the flatbed version? Hell yes. If I was a dumb wealthy dude, I’d pick one up. But I’m neither dumb nor wealthy, so there we are.

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