Within a Mile of Home: Scrap Yard Photoshoot

I have intended to shoot this building and yard for some time now.  It is quite a collection of old cars, old buildings, old work trucks, and plain old stuff.

Need that car PhotoshootClick through for many more shots.

Click any of the photos for a wallpaper sized photo.  (If you are viewing this on chromjuwelen.com, click here for the original post with full-sized images.)

Need that car Photoshoot

The tonnage of scrap metal is impressive.

Need that car Photoshoot

Not many '60 El Caminos out there with camper shells.

Need that car Photoshoot

The scrapyard version of a late afternoon sunflower

Need that car PhotoshootHere’s one for www.hatchtopia.com.  Looks like maybe a 1980 Ford Fiesta (and a 1970 Chevy pickup).

Need that car photoshoot

Looks like perhaps a '78ish Ford Cabover in red?

Need That Car Photoshoot

1956 Chevrolet sedan in the foreground

Need that car Utah Stampling Building Murray Utah

Evening sun shining through what is left of the windows

NeedThatCar Photoshoot

Such an interesting collection of stuff

I would love to have gone inside the yard and got some nice closeups, but I was summarily invited to leave when I inquired about the place and its contents.  So, all of these shots were over or through the fence.

NTC Photoshoot

Pièce de résistance

The building/real estate is now for sale, which may explain why many of the more interesting cars have been sold.  I want it.  It reminds me of the old Granville House.

Need That Car It will sell one of these days, and the collection of rusting iron will be hauled away.  The building will be torn down.

I don’t know about the rest of the neighborhood, but I’ll miss it.

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5 Responses to Within a Mile of Home: Scrap Yard Photoshoot

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    Awesome. I would love to do a little Urbex myself, but I get a little nervous of the types that “invite you to leave.” Nice photos!

  2. I went there last summer and did the same thing you did, it’s nice to have that tall overpass next to it for the “over-the-fence” shots. Was that poor Corvette still wasting away by the front gate? Also, that entire stretch of road between there and 7200 south has tons of opportunities for car spotting if you are paying attention.

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