Bargain: Skyfall Aston Martin Sold For $100k

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The Aston Martin Featured in the film Skyfall sold for only $100,000. Other examples of DB5s have fetched well over a half-million dollars. The twist is, this particular car was a 1:3 scale replica of the real thing. That’s right, someone paid almost 100 geezers for a plastic replica of the real thing.

If you are a Bond fan or have been following the media surrounding Skyfall, you may already be aware of the DB5 replicas that were produced for the film.  A total of three 1:3 scale models were created by the German firm Voxeljet.  They used a 3D printer to make the 18 plastic parts (54 parts total) of the models.  The parts were then sent to Propshop Modelmakers in London, who did the paint, chrome, and final assembly work.  The plastic parts were mounted to a steel frame for to create the finished products. 

At least one of the models was blown all to hell for the climatic action scene in the movie.  Another was sold by Christie’s for nearly $100,000.  My research has netted no results on the whereabouts of the third model.  Hopefully, it was accidentally shipped to my house. 

Thankfully, no DB5s were harmed in the filming of the movie. 

Real or model?

Check out this youtube video for an idea of how 3D printing works: (Not an Aston Martin, but Yoda.)


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