Wagon Wednesday: 1968 International Atlas 12

This post originally appeared here, at Hooniverse.com.

Someone took the name Travelall very seriously when they created this 12 door International. Oddly, at this time, it doesn’t have five rows of seating, but rather, a vintage moonshine still in the rear of the vehicle.  The owner claims that it was ordered for the Harlem Globetrotters and that they used it for four years. 

Today, it is in surprisingly good condition.  Click through for one more photo and more information about this monstronsity. 

According to the information sign in the window, this vehicle features the following:

The only 12 door car in the world!
Built at the factory in Fort Smith, Arkansas, brand new in 1968
Ordered for the Harlem Globetrotters (Used 4 years)
Appeared in 3 short scenes of the movie “Independence Day” starring Will Smith
Options: Auto-trans, P.S., P.B., 345 Gas V-8, 2 gas tanks, 3 heaters, 3 drivelines, 12 doors. 


All those doors, and a Jaguar hood emblem, for good measure.  Thank you, GhostTownNevada!

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2 Responses to Wagon Wednesday: 1968 International Atlas 12

  1. rick Long says:

    This International Wagon is now sitting a block away from the Wendover Air force base in Wendover Nevada and is still in very good condition. I saw it on July 15, 2015 while on holidays.

  2. Devan says:

    Yeah. When we first got that limo it had a big mega phone on the top and white with blue stars and some other interesting things the team had done. This car is awesome.

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