Modern Art Monday: Cancars

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Sandy’s Cancars is a website featuring the work of Sandy, an English draughtsman turned technology teacher living in New Zealand.  Having been involved in the world of competition modeling, he had seen aircraft models made from aluminum drink cans. They always used the inside, plain aluminum of the can.  Then, the idea came to him to use the color and art on the cans themselves to celebrate and display the origin of the building material.  He also made the decision to build cars instead of aircraft.    


Click through for more from tin can alley. 

Being a vintage midget racer enthusiast, the Rheineck “Racer” and the “Heineken” immediately caught my eye.  They are very precise and detailed, right down to the letters on the front bumper and the outboard fuel pump mounting.  Notice the knockoff spinners oh the Heineken car. 

These hand built models are truly amazing.  On the Racer, he used the black portion of the can with ingredients and nutritional information to represent upholstery, which works perfectly.  The more you look, the better they get.  The real eye-opener, though, is when you click on the “Work In Progress” link.  It breaks down some of the details of how the cars are made, and the whole process becomes that much more impressive.   

You can buy one of these cars for home or office for $1500 NZD, which converts to about $1230 USD.  If you feel that’s a little rich for a few recycled cans, you can buy plans for $10 NZD and have a crack at building one yourself.  

In addition to the midgets, there are several other vehicles to check out on the site.  Another favorite of mine is this Buggy. 

Now click over there, order some plans, and report back to us with your progress. 

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