Blimey! A1969 Mini Cooper Limousine

For the record, I am against this. It’s not as bad an automotive crime as, say, building a Ferrari replica out of a Fiero, but it’s pretty egregious. What has happened here is that someone has taken one of the smallest cars ever and stretched it into one of the smallest limousines ever.  Brilliant! (If, by brilliant, you mean a complete waste of time, resources, and a cool Brit car.)  It’s also up for sale.

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According to the seller, the car was professionally built in England in 1994 and then imported to the U.S. sometime later.  He also makes the dubious claim that it cost over $100,000 to build.  Granted, wood-grain steering wheels and fuzzy dice are expensive, but $100k expensive?

The asking price today is $30,000.  Would you say that $30k is a pipe dream or a reasonable ask for a unique Mini?  I was pretty harsh in the opening paragraph, but this little thing does grow on you after you stare at it for a while.  (Our female readers may have heard this line before.)  Maybe the seller isn’t on crack.  After all, you would only have to hire it out 240 times before the $30k was paid off and the profits started rolling in.  Talk him down a bit and that number would drop to an even more doable 230. 

Have you decided to buy it yet?  If so, find the ad here, on

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