Need That Car – Name That Car III

Welcome to Need That Car – Name That Car III. Seems like only a couple of weeks ago we did NTC I. Anyway, this week’s Name That Car is coming to you from far away places with strange-sounding names.
Hit the jump to make your guess and to win our prize.

The prize is a week’s worth of respect from Need That Car.  May the best person win!


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4 Responses to Need That Car – Name That Car III

  1. Brandon says:

    Tempo Boy?

    • needthatcar says:

      Well that was quick. I obviously need to make this more difficult. Technically, it’s a Tempo Hanseat. From what I know, the “boy” version had a smaller engine to meet some kind of vehicle classification law in Germany at the time. I believe this one is a “man” version, but you sir, are a winner. Enjoy your prize!

  2. needthatcar says:

    By the way, watch for NTC’s Hooniverse feature next week on the Tempo Hanseat. Sehr Gut!

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