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Scootmobile – Wait, What?

Born of neccessity, the scootmobile was a miniature automotive movement of the 1940s.  WWII had seen severe rationing of gasoline and people were finding efficient alternatives to ordinary automobiles. This is one of the more attractive examples. Click for more.

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Need That Car – Name That Car

Many touches of auto design from days gone by have faded away over the decades.  One of which was the iconic hood emblem.  What better way to brighten up an otherwise dull hood than a flying chrome nymph? Click it … Continue reading

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Project Turbo Arrow: NTC’s Build Thread

Need That Car has a new project.  Actually, it’s two projects in one.  The first part of the project is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow.  The truck itself was featured in an earlier post and, well, it just stole my heart.  … Continue reading

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Weekly Wagon: 1963 Mercury Colony Park

Need That Car loves station wagons.  This 1963 Mercury Colony Park marks the first of a weekly series devoted to the station wagon.  Perhaps this particular wagon is not the most auspicious beginning for a weekly series, but station wagons … Continue reading

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Vintage Auto Racing Crash Video (Warning: Graphic)

There is something about this video.  I keep coming back to it.  The music selection is what really cements it for me.  It is a fantastic collection of vintage auto racing crashes.  Be warned, however, that it is difficult to … Continue reading

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Looks Familiar – 1937 Ford Woody Project

This 1937 Ford Woodie project looks familiar to Need That Car.  Perhaps it’s because I once owned it.  It’s now here on ebay for the low, low price of…FREE!  Well, free if you pay the shop that currently owns it … Continue reading

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NeedThatCar Now a Partner Blog To

If you had to pick the best-looking automotive blog on the web, it would be, hands down.  Dig just a touch deeper and you’ll find that beauty is more than skin deep.  I am excited to announce that NeedThatCar … Continue reading

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Not Completely Brushing Off Snow Could Cost You a Windshield (Or Worse)

Those of us who live in areas with snowy winters have all done it.  After a snow storm, perhaps in a rush, you clean only the windows, get in and drive off.  This post illustrates (!) the hazards of not … Continue reading

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Blastolene Decoliner

The Blastolene Decoliner is a one of a kind, hand-made luxury RV/Art piece/streamliner.  The craftsmanship is amazing.  The styling is excellent.  The engineering is impressive.  Most of all, the scale of the project is astounding. Hit the jump for several … Continue reading

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Video: 1946 Midget Racing Newsreel

Watch this vintage newsreel video of a midget race in New Jersey from 1946.  So far, it is the best video I have found of racing from my midget’s era.  Historic Hinchliffe Stadium was the site of the race, but … Continue reading

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