Video: 1946 Midget Racing Newsreel

Watch this vintage newsreel video of a midget race in New Jersey from 1946.  So far, it is the best video I have found of racing from my midget’s era.  Historic Hinchliffe Stadium was the site of the race, but these cars were being raced all over the country. (They were also very popular in Australia.)

Need that car Midget racer Hit the jump for the great video and some interesting tidbits on Hinchliffe Stadium.

In looking for the spelling of Hinchliffe Stadium, I stumbled onto some very interesting photos and facts.  First of all, it still stands, but is unused and has fallen into a state of disrepair.

where the dugout was

(Photo credit: catasterist - flickr, click photo for more shots.)

Need that carThe second interesting thing about Hinchliffe Stadium is that the New York Black Yankees of the Negro Baseball League called it home.  None other than Satchel Paige played for the Black Yankees.

Apologies for the digression.  Getting back to the video at hand, watch for a few wrecks near the end, and all the suits, ties, and hats in the crowd at the :44 mark.

1946 was a rip-snorting year in racing annals.

Need That Car

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