1953 Triumph Mayflower, Pilgrim

This is a rare 1953 Triumph Mayflower.  It is just begging to be claimed, brought home, given new life (and maybe a radical chop), and put back on the street.  the body, in its original style, is interesting and distinctly British, but it seems to have a real potential for a sleek street rod with those body lines.

1953 Triumph MayflowerThe seller describes this car as having “razor edge” styling.  This is an apt description.  The body sides have very sharp edges, particularly on the rear fenders.  The car seems to be in good condition, but not so good that you would feel bad about practicing your radical body restyling skills.  (Of course, I am talking about my vision for this car.)  Further, the seller is only asking $875.00, so even if the project is a total failure, you aren’t out much.  Try doing that with a ’36 Ford.  (Find the ad here at ksl.com)

1953 Triumph MayflowerOk, I’ll just lay it out on the table here.  The car has the sharp edges on the fenders, but the side slab has a great torpedo shape to it.  I am envisioning a massive alteration to the body that would make it look like a ’30s art deco streamliner.  Era tank trucks give a general idea of the shape I have in mind:

Need that carThe Mayflower would be much more angular at the transitions from vertical to horizontal surfaces, but the general shape would be like the tanker above.  This sort of chop would require a few things.  First, you would have to change out that ugly grille – perhaps some sort of ’37 Studebaker facsimile.  Then, you would need to tilt back the windshield and chop it, say, four inches.  Finally, you would have to redesign the entire top and boot area.  No big deal.  Welding!

For interest’s sake, someone else did some custom body work to a Mayflower.  It turned out looking pretty good.

need that car needthatcar

Let’s face it, any change to the Mayflower body is probably a good change.  In fact, James May of TV’s Top Gear had this to say about it,

“The Ford Edsel had an unfortunate nose, and the AMC Pacer had an unfortunate backside. But the Mayflower was ugly to its roots.  Look at it, if you can bear to. Its details are ugly, its overall proportions are ugly, its very concept – as a car to appeal to Americans who believed they were directly descended from the Pilgrim Fathers – makes one shudder. I’ve never driven one, but I’m fairly confident it doesn’t have an interesting personality, either.”

Well James, I must disagree.   I think its personality is a peach.  I would like to go to dinner with it, get to know it, and take a plasma torch to it.

Triumph MayflowerTriumph MayflowerAds like this, for cars like this, make me realize how badly I need to expand my garage.

Need That Car

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3 Responses to 1953 Triumph Mayflower, Pilgrim

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    Yeah, that’s a cool car. I’m not sure I would even mess with the body work. Shine it up a little and drop a big engine in there. Presto chango, done.

  2. seth says:

    I had talked to this lady a dozen times!!she said she would hold it till I got to salt lake,I even offerd to send the money to her to hold it. but she said no problem.so then i sent an email saying ill be there tomorrow!! then i traveled up there and she said she sold it that day!saying she sent me an email that morning!! but I didnt get it cuz i was traveling!!Duh!! I huge loss for me!! and then the guy she sold it to was making payments for it!!!! I cried!lol

  3. Tom Holford says:

    My dad had one of these many, many years ago. It still needed some work done on it. I asked him one time how much would it cost to get it completely finished and he said about $1,000.00, but he never had that kind of money. It sat for such a long time outside of the garage. Unfortunately, because of carelessness, he caught the garage on fire, and it spread quickly, and the car got so hot that all the windows burst. Over time, it rusted out big-time. He gave it to my brother and it eventually went to the scrap yard. I showed a picture of this car from another site here to a friend of mine, and this man thought it was a Rolls-Royce.

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