Two Plymouth Arrows back-to-back? At NeedThatCar, all things are possible.

So, in pouring over photographs of the Plymouth Arrow in the previous post, I stumbled upon yet another Arrow Sport for sale.  This one has something very special to offer:  8,900 original miles.  It deserved a post of its own (don’t worry, it’ll be short).

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8,900 miles!  All original, down to the tires.  (Find the ad here on Topeka, KS OLS)  There are minor differences between the 1980 and the 1982 models.  The addition of cloth to the seats and door panels, this crazy champaign/bronze color, and chrome bumpers really change the look of this truck, though I’m not sure it’s for the better.

We joked that perhaps the reason it has 8,900 miles is that the owner was embarrassed to drive it with this color combo.  The interior is really a sight to see.  The highlight is that odometer though.

One lowlight, however, is the asking price.  Of course, I would not be shy about claiming this to be the nicest surviving original Arrow in the world, but $15,000 still seems pretty ambitious.  The price does bring up an interesting question:  How much would I pay for this truck?  Half the ask?  3/4 the ask?  Not sure, but I know it would look good sitting in my garage.  (Keep in mind that I am one of dozens of Plymouth Arrow fans out there, so I would pay more than the average clod.)

Keep in mind, this truck is 30 years old.  The condition is really just amazing.

Should you buy it?  No, but I know you want it.  Oh, and don’t try to buy the orange one in the previous post either, I already did.  More posts on that one, my new toy, are forthcoming.  Perhaps I’ll change the name of the blog to NeedThatArrow.

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1 Response to Two Plymouth Arrows back-to-back? At NeedThatCar, all things are possible.

  1. uteking says:

    15 grand?!? Crackpipe! Seriously, what is someone going to do with this? You drive it, and it loses it’s value entirely. I don’t see a big car show market for it. I could see maybe 8 grand, but even then, you’d have to be a real big fan.

    That said, the previous Arrow was perfect. Still stock appearing and cool, but cheap too!

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