’80 Plymouth Arrow Sport – Near and Dear

This is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport pickup.  Excuse me while I take a moment.  *sigh*  I will get back to that sigh in a while.  For now, feast your eyes on this beauty.  It’s orange, it’s got killer 1980s stripes, and it’s for sale here on ebay in Camillus, New York (a suburb of Syracuse).  You will definitely want to read more.

Plymouth Arrow

1980 Plymouth Arrow

See more about the Plymouth Arrow and this gem after the jump.

The Plymouth Arrow, Dodge D-50, and later, the Mitsubishi Mighty Max were all the same truck.  They were built by Mitsubishi and imported by Dodge and Plymouth to compete in the burgeoning small truck market.  Ford had been selling the Mazda-built Courier since 1971 and Chevrolet introduced the Isuzu-based LUV (Light Utility Vehicle) in 1972.  Both Ford and Chevrolet were responding the the unforeseen popularity of the Datsun and Toyota pickups of the ‘60s.  Dodge, as was the case throughout the ‘70s, was years late to the party.  But when they joined in, it was with style.

Explanation of the above sigh:  One month after my 16th birthday, I bought a 1964 Chevrolet Nova SS.  It had new paint, a big V8, and a 4 speed trans. It was quick and fun.  However, it wasn’t economical, nor was it useful, and I worried about it rusting away in the winters where I lived.  So I did what any car-loving 16 year-old would do. I bought another vehicle – a beater – to drive in the winter.  You probably guessed by now that the beater was a Plymouth Arrow pickup.  Mine was orange, like this one, but it was the Plain Jane standard model.

The differences between the regular Arrow and the Arrow Sport were significant.  The standard version had a 2.0l engine and a 4 speed, the Sport a 2.6l and a 5 speed (the one featured here is automatic…yeesh).  The Sport had a tachometer, a floor console with gauges instead of dash-mounted idiot lights, an upgraded steering wheel, bucket seats, door-mounted speakers, carpet, and fancy striping.  Also, the spoked, body-colored wheels shown here came with the Sport option.  Another option was small, molded plastic door mirrors.  This truck has the less desirable truck style door mirrors.

My high school truck was not a Sport.  It was about as plain as you could buy.  (Original sticker price was about $4,800) My dad, on the other hand, had two Sport models.  The first was a fantastic 2WD Yellow ’79, the other was it’s 4WD brother.  They looked just like the one in this publicity photo:

After driving dad’s truck, I wanted a Sport of my own.  I finally located a black one under a viaduct downtown with a blown engine.  $400.  I dragged it home and pulled the engine and trans from my base model and got it running. I did all sorts of things to it and went all sorts of places in it.  Most importantly, I made the better part of my high school memories in that truck.  The Nova has some fond memories attached to it, but when I reflect back on that time of my life, it’s the Plymouth Arrows that hold the sentimental value.

At a later date, there will be a post chronicling the unfortunate series of wrecks involving my Arrows, but for now, I will apologize for the distraction and move on to the ad at hand.

This particular truck is being offered here on ebay with no reserve.  Bidding has been slow and isn’t likely to top $2500 in my opinion.  The truck is a very nice example, body and interior-wise, but it is not currently running, so that should hold the sale price back some.

The truck looks to be in very good shape, although the writer of the ad did a horrible job of both presenting it and describing it.  I suggest you take a look at the ad if only to see how not to write a good ebay ad.  He claims it ran when parked two years ago, and that the body and frame are 100%.  (Whatever that means)  It retains its original wheels and striping.  From the engine photo, it appears to have the rare A/C and cruise options as well.


I think it’s about 15% cooler because of the Plymouth nametag rather than Dodge.  Since the Arrow was discontinued after 1982 when Mitsubishi began selling direct in the U.S, many people don’t know they ever made a Plymouth variant of these trucks. 

Verdict:  You should buy it.  It’ll be easy to get it running and you’ll have one of the few surviving examples.  But don’t spend much.

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11 Responses to ’80 Plymouth Arrow Sport – Near and Dear

  1. uteking says:

    Love oddball little pickups almost as much as oddball hatchbacks. Nice post… but I won’t be bidding – it doesn’t have the cajones to pull the camper. That and I would face certain divorce if I bought another questionable car from off the internet.

  2. needthatcar says:

    Follow up: Yeah, I bought it. $1376.00. Shipping from New York to Utah will be a large expense, but I couldn’t let some other “undeserving clod” (credit: hatchtopia) own this fine example of Dark Years history.

    • Michael T says:

      My dad recently bought an orange 1979 sport model, one owner and in fair shape. It runs well. He just had the striped seats redone and they look fantastic. He has had a hard time sourcing some replacement sun visors. Have you had any luck finding parts for this truck, partucularly interior and exterior body and trim pieces? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

  3. uteking says:

    That’s awesome! Never let an undeserving clod get between you and something you want. What are your plans? Stock-looking restoration? I LOVE those stripes…

  4. I myself currently have a 1980 plymouth arrow pick up. I absolutely love it. It broke down on me 8 months ago and there is only one part that I am having a hard time finding, that is the flywheel. No one seems to carry it. I have found flywheels for the standard version, but can’t find the automatic version of this part. I don’t know how true the information I was given that only a handful of these were made automatic. I love this truck and hate to get rid of it. Up until now the only part that has been changed was the starter otherwise it has all the original engine parts.

    • robert says:

      im having kind of the same problem. either my transmission seal or front pump,or the whole tranny went out and I cant find the pump or a transmission

  5. Ken Smith says:

    I had an ’80 Plymouth Arrow pick up. I kept the automatic transmission and engine when I got rid of it. Are you still looking for the flywheel or torque converter for your truck? I also have 2 complete trucks(4 speed) if you are looking for other parts. I am in Bristol,PA. Ken

    • robert says:

      do you still have auto tranny and if so how much did you want for it? I have an 80′ arrow truck sport addition and either the tranny seal, front pump, or the whole tranny itself went out and I cant seem to find a tranny or the front pump.

  6. I have a 1980 Arrow sport, all black with a luv step side bed, lots o chrome, little rat rod, , bad azz little monster, 2.6 eng. 5 speed tranny. only issue i ever had, it started heating up quickly,lugging, and gave the impression of a blown head gasket, turned out to be the fuel filter, just off the tank.

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