1967 Datsun SSS

This 1967 Datsun 411 SSS is for sale.  $11,000

Extremely rare: 1 of about 12 known to be on the road in the USA right now.  And 1 of about 6 originally equipped with a manual transmission.

The car is really well sorted.  Runs like a top.  The entire braking system was done, all new rubber lines, master, slaves, and shoes.  Park brake works great.  Many of the brake parts were replated in zinc.
Suspension also totally gone through.
No-matching R16 engine with dual carbs, runs great, excellent even compression across all cylinders.  Lots of replated parts under the hood too.
Interior has a new headliner and seat covers (not new upholstery), stereo, and good floor mats.
The paint is original with a fairly decent clear sprayed over the patina.  Some of the clear is now chipping off of the roof.

Some negatives: the condition of the paint, obviously, the rust in the lower rear quarters, damaged or missing door seals (the hatch has a new seal), doesn’t like to start when it’s cold.  With the 4 speed, top speed is really only about 55 mph.  A 5 speed or a roadster rear diff would help with highway speeds.

Some positives: It’s been gone through, so the fuel, brakes, engine, and electrical all work.  It’s ready to drive.  It’s uber-rare, so you’ll be the only one at the car show.  It’s the SSS version, with the big, bad 1600 motor.  It has new tires and really nice 510 wheels (not the ones pictured, they don’t come with the car).


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