Ran When Parked: 1929 Model A Pickup

This post originally appeared here, at Hooniverse.com.

From the “This is probably too much of a project for you” file, a 1929 Ford Model A pickup for sale in Helper, Utah. There are people out there who could turn this into a great hot rod or rat rod, but not many. Others might just call it yard art. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 

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The photos have an interestingly artistic quality just as they are.  The owner seems to have unwittingly created some cool automotive art.  If not for the Camaro in the background, the shot below would be suitable for framing.

Sometimes, you’ll hear a car referred to as a heap. This truck takes that idea to a very literal extreme.  Bring a trailer, and a bucket. 

On second thought, leave the bucket home, because this truck comes with a free one! Also apparently included are a pair of 1939 Utah license plates.  The text of the ad doesn’t offer much more in the way of details:

Disassembled completely, kept in garage, ran before dis-assembly. Seats would need re-upholstered. Some rust, but not bad for age of the car.”

Yep, once you get those seats reupholstered, you’ll really start to see the light at the end of this project’s tunnel.

The asking price for this pile of shit parts is a mere $6000. You can hardly afford not to buy it. 

For comparison’s sake, this 1931 sedan (better year, better body style, and assembled and running) is for sale, also in Utah, for $3500.  My guess is that the latter will sell very quickly while the former will be available for some time. 

[images: www.ksl.com]

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