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I Want That Job: R/C Mini Cooper Discus Retriever

Those wry Brits have an adorable ingenious method for retrieving the discus and the javelins thrown at this year’s summer games.  A remote controlled Mini Cooper.  The judges drop the hardware in the car’s sunroof and some lucky schmo drives … Continue reading

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Need That Car – Name That Car IV

The previous installments of Name That Car proved to be quite easy.  Perhaps this one will keep you busy for a little longer… The winner gets our valuable prize: Respect from NTC.  Who’ll be the lucky contestant?  Hit the jump … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Great Review Of “Boys Of Bonneville”

[image source:] The film, “Boys of Bonneville” has been discussed here before, but not nearly to the extent that Jesse of has done.  His review caught my eye when I noticed a couple of my photos in his … Continue reading

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So That’s Who It’s For: Lil’ Kenny Sighting

Well this was a treat.  I have never seen one in person but, as I strolled along at a recent car show, there it was.  A miniature semi truck.  Why, you ask, would someone want a this?  Because Kenworth.

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Wells Fun Run 2012: Drag Racing

If you ever wondered what Wells, Nevada looks like, the photo above is close, although, I used some heavy effects to make it look as lush and inviting as it does in this photo.  Desolation notwithstanding, Wells hosts a car … Continue reading

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Quick Hitter: Spotted In The Wild Edition

It is very rare to see these creatures in the wild.  Here, a lucky photographer was able to snap a shot of three General Motors products cavorting in a barren, desert habitat.  In the photo, you see a 1968 Camaro, … Continue reading

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