24 Hours Of LeMons Thunderhill: NTC Will Be There

“Ann Arbor MI — Today Car and Driver reported that the NTC writer, against the advice of mental-health professionals, will compete in the 24 Hours of LeMons — a wheel-to-wheel car race for heaps that cost $500 or less. His team — the unpromisingly named “Killer ZomBees” — hits Thunderhill Raceway Park, in Willows, California, on 09/15/2012 to 09/16/2012, where therapists and junkyard operators are already standing by.
One relative, on condition of anonymity, described the NTC writer’s family as “…saddened but unsurprised” by the news. “Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect such lapses in judgment,” the source told C/D.

Friends, coworkes, and relatives interested in staging an intervention and/or watching him do something incredibly embarrassing can find more information at the LeMons site.” – 24 Hours of LeMons

For several years now, I have toyed with the idea racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Getting my own team and car together was a very tall order so it never really came to be. So, on a whim, I shot an email to Pete Petersen, the captain of the Killer ZomBees racing team and asked if he ever needs drivers. The answer came back quicker than I had expected that they had a spot open for the Thunderhill race in a short couple of weeks.

Take that, bucket list!

There will coverage of the event here, and likely on hooniverse as well. Watch for it!

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3 Responses to 24 Hours Of LeMons Thunderhill: NTC Will Be There

  1. Hatchtopia says:

    Bastard. Have a good time and know that there’s a jealous guy sitting around doing nothing at all while you’re out on the track…

  2. ZomBee Racer says:


    (But only a little) Welcome to the team NTC!!

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