Roadie! Viva Las Vegas 15 – Rockabilly Weekender

Viva Las Vegas is one of the greatest collections of pre-1964 hot rods, rat rods, originals and restored American rides in the world.  It is also one of the largest collections of the members of today’s rockabilly sub-culture.  Yours truly will be there covering it for your reading pleasure!

Hit the jump for more info on Viva Las Vegas 15.

The Pabst will be flowing, the Converse All Stars will be plentiful, and the hotel pillowcases will be covered in pomade.  There will be pin-up models at every turn and over 50 different live bands playing 24/7 from Thursday night to Monday morning.  Click here for the VLV15 website (some pin-up images on the page may be NSFW).

To help you get a feel for the show, here is a sweet video of last year’s show produced by Josh Clason:

If you see the wagon and the midget around the car show, stop by and say hello.  If you can’t make the show, stay tuned for a few updates and a feature length story afterward.

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