Very Want II: Fiat Abarth Follow-Up Ad

Let’s face it, Fiat (or anyone else, for that matter) will have a difficult time topping their seduction ad, which may have been the greatest commercial ever filmed.  But they are giving it a solid effort with this new ad.

Need that car Fiat Abarth

Click it for more hot Abarth action.

I won’t explain the ad to you, as you will get the whole story by clicking on the video.  What I will tell you is that in the only 8 days of being posted on youtube, it has over 1,000,000 views.  Not bad for a goofy Italian and a lunatic.

Once again, this commercial proves that there is a lot of interest in this car and that it’s ok to be heterosexual and like the Abarth concurrently.  It also proves that Fiat has a great sense of humor.  Hat tip to them for taking advertising risks with this car.

Stay tuned for the NeedThatCar test drive and review of the Abarth.

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